Anonymous: Starting right now you have cat ears and a tail for an entire week. Have fun~ 


…he’s not happy about it and has no idea how to deal with having a second set of ears and a tail. Or the fact that neither new addition is staying still.

If we’re going the Loveless route, you can have those ears and tail gone in less than six hours ;)



kenny is nicknamed “armrest” because his EXTREMELY SHORT HEIGHT was the first thing the other kids noticed when he arrived at the camp for “public and underage intoxication” (he probably shouldnt have eaten that thing those 8th graders gave him) he can be a huge ass but hes generally pretty friendly

he always gets picked on and he has his lunch stolen right off his tray and he can never climb out of his hole without assistance 

but everyone thinks hes insane because hes the only person who will actually approach a scorpion or a rattlesnake

he actually picked up one of the lizards once


i say “christmas critters” you say “blood orgy” come on everybody

christmas critters!

Blood orgy!!

Way in which the world falls